neděle 9. října 2011

10 mýtů o jídle

Doporučuju k přečtení článek z : 10 nehynoucích mýtů o jídle, především, pokud se bojíte hliníkových příborů, solíte vodu až začne vařit a nejíte na noc.

Bellatti also makes the point that if you're the type of person who's up very late, setting an arbitrary time to stop eating at night isn't going to help you lose weight, it's just going to make you skip a meal. DiBona had something specific to say about meal skipping, and how dangerous it can be: "Just several years ago, I remember reading in Cosmopolitan magazine that skipping breakfast or lunch following a "night of indulgence" could aid in one's efforts to lose weight. The editors couldn't have been more wrong. If a meal is skipped, the body begins a process of metabolic slowing commonly referred to as ‘starvation mode.'" She continued, "Additionally, surges of hormones then encourage overeating at the next meal, resulting in a higher caloric intake at the day's end. Keeping one's blood sugar balanced with small meals and snacks throughout the day is a much more successful approach for weight maintenance and mental alertness."

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